Senator Colin Deacon on Open Banking, How to Win the Fight for Consumer Trust and more

Keep up with the latest mortgage industry innovation news sent to us by our friends at Flinks (the operators of our down payment confirmation platform, EZ Account Access).

Data connectivity has made a big splash, showing that it’s now undeniably a core to business component of modern finance. And we’re observing consolidations on the consumer-facing side, too. Apparently budgeting and personal lending go hand-in-hand — who would have guessed?

Senator Colin Deacon on Enabling Innovation Through Open Banking

Seasoned entrepreneur and independent Senator Colin Deacon discusses the merits of open banking and what it means to put Canadians in control of their data.

How to Win the Fight for Consumer Trust
Successful business relationships rely on trust. In today’s banking marketplace, it’s time to get started (or get serious) about building trust

Security at Flinks FAQs: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know
When our clients have questions about security — such as how Flinks handles and protects data — we provide straight answers.

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