Celebrating our 2000th User!

Velocity is Rocketing Away!
Celebrating our 2000th User

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TransUnion Is Now Live
Users now have a choice!

Save up to 35% on the cost of your credit bureaus.

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From the Newton Family to Yours
Happy Thanksgiving!

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From Battle to Bracelets – Powered by TransUnion & Newton


We are announcing the start of our new relationship with TransUnion! Velocity users now have a choice of credit reports!

“An object in motion tends to remain in motion along a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force”. We’re that force!
We are disrupting the status quo, in partnership with TransUnion supporting a charity the industry has embraced with the 22 push ups for 22 days challenge.
We encourage all DLC National Conference attendees to proudly wear your Brass & Unity bracelet, to show your support of PTSD awareness.


Inspired by impossible situations. Created to enrich the lives of Veterans. Worn to show love and support.


Read More About Brass & Unity

TransUnion is now Live!

Save up to 35% on the cost of your credit bureaus.


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MPP – Get Your Quotes Instantly – Simple!

Why Sell MPP to Your Clients

  1. Get your clients protected right away.  The first 30 days of coverage are completely FREE!
  2. Give your clients the gift of future flexibility…. MPP is 100% portable from Lender to Lender and Property to Property.
  3. MPP says “Yes”!  MPP will offer some form of Life and Disability insurance to everyone who applies.

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Big News! Velocity Updates!

Your Velocity, Your Way!

We have updated your system overnight with the following exciting upgrades!

Compliance Documents

New to Velocity are the following documents for provincial compliance:

  • BC Form 9 – Lender Disclosure Statement
  • Ontario Disclosure to Borrow – Line Of Credit
  • Ontario Investor Lender Disclosure Renewal Waiver of Waiting Period
  • A new Generic Client Consent form is now available
  • Validation has been added to help brokers generate the BC Form 10 Compliance document.


Compliance Documents Now Available

BC Prescribed Form 10
BC Form 10 – Pre July 2017
BC Fixed and Open Disclosures
BC Lender Conflict of Interest
BC Lender Disclosure
BC Rate Disclosure
ON Fixed and Line of Credit Disclosures
ON Investor/Lender Disclosure Renewal
Generic Client Consent for Credit



Visit our Training Page to see video walk-throughs on how to automatically generate your compliance documents!


User Experience

A new loading/saving progress bar at top of Velocity pages will show when pages are loading.

The default view of the application is set to Classic view, but is now changeable directly the application page in the top right corner.

The APR Calculation has been adjusted.

Numerous User Interface and User Experience updates!



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