Fisgard + Velocity = Faster Approvals!

Fisgard + Velocity = Faster Approvals!

Submit through Velocity and have your deal move up to top of the underwriting queue!

With the next round of B20 guidelines heading our way private/alternative lenders such as Fisgard have never been this busy. Significantly increased volumes typically results in longer turnaround times when deals are submitted via ‘old school’ methods.

Deal submission technology such as Newton’s Velocity takes away lengthy data entry time and speeds up the underwriters deal adjudication
process getting you an answer much faster.

Fisgard + Velocity = Faster Approvals!

Fisgard underwriting tips
  • Fully documented applications will be underwritten first
  • Purchase’ applications will take priority over ‘Refinance’ applications
  • Fisgard will cancel commitments that are not returned by the commitment expiry date so get your commitments and documentation in on time!



Submit your next file to Fisgard through

Every submission gets a chance to win a $500 gift card courtesy of your Fisgard team.

** All submissions will receive a ballot into a draw to win. Draw date will be the first working day of 2018. The perfect way to take care of that holiday spend.

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More Lenders in your arsenal!

Great news!! As of June 6th, we are adding more lenders in your arsenal!

Submit Directly and Easily!

As of June 6th, you are able to submit to the following lenders directly:

The top 3 lenders represent close to 50% market share AND they speak directly back to your Velocity Dashboard!

More Lenders are coming soon!

Velocity is the only integrated, end-to-end operating system that handles the entire mortgage approval process. Our direct connections to the lenders allow you to capture an application, send your file to a lender, manage conditions and store documents all in one place.


If you want to dig deeper into Velocity, please check out our Velocity Training Centre here.

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Great new enhancements to Velocity are on their way!

On Monday May 15th, you will see some great enhancements to Velocity all in preparation for your direct submissions to lenders.  This upgrade will allow you to have the option of choosing a different application view called Classic View.  This give you a look that you will all be “familiar” with.  You are in the drivers seat to decide what suits you best.

You will see many new fields to this upgrade which include GDS/TDS Calculations as well as more fields to Expert or direct to lenders.

Please let us know if you would like to pull your own credit bureaus inside Velocity or be setup to submit directly to lenders.

Velocity Release Notes – v2.1.1x
May 15, 2017

  • Updated: Lender Selections
  • Updated: Submission product and submission rate separated from CRM Products
  • Added: Lender menu option under Administration
  • Fixed: Totalling of CRM Products should work properly now
  • Updated: Menu links for Deal should no longer refresh the page
  • Updated: Liabilities will no longer set a payment for items pulled with $0 balance
  • Fixed: Add product updated
  • Updated: GDS/TDS numerous updates
  • Updated: Skipping status updates should update previous dates to the current status date
  • Updated: Submit to Lender is now hidden if there is no submissions agents selected for the lender
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Velocity’s brand new ‘Upgraded Validator’ for mortgage applications

We have launched a new enhancement to your Velocity application to make it easier to validate your submissions to Expert and/or Morweb.

We call it the Upgraded Validator! Its purpose is to help you isolate and act on adding the required fields that Expert and/or Morweb require in order to submit your applications.

This new enhancement helps reduce your time and minimizes frustration by highlighting where attention is required.

Validation happens in 3 easy ways:

  1. Validation Explanation and fields

This tells you where and what is required to eliminate the guessing

  1. Easy Highlighting to bring your attention to the sections that may need some TLC.

If you don’t have your sections set to Auto Expand, this is a great feature to show you where to look!

  1. Highlights the EXACT fields that you need to complete

We show you clearly the fields that you need to fill in

It’s a simple matter of addressing each of the validation errors and clicking the Actions button once again to Submit.

We are continuously trying to improve your experience and welcome any feedback that you have to make the application process simpler.

More questions? Email and we will be in touch!

For a free trial or to request a demo – check out the links on the sidebar to your right of this post.


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Complete Client Property Details on a Single Application

Every subscriber gets their own client facing web application that can be framed in your personal website, sent as a link, and/or connected to from your email signature by clients with a simple “Apply Now” button.

Put the focus on mortgage advice and off of data entry and have clients do what they have all become accustomed to online, providing some personal information on a secure web link.



The application is written in simple language and clients can provide as little or as much information as pertains to them and all you have to do is validate the final application and submit it to Expert or Morweb, there is no double data entry required! And you get all of your client information into your database right from the start. This is the best means to capture and market to all of your client’s mortgage financing needs, even the non subject ones!

application in VelocityOur Support team can help you making this application part of your website and email signature. Call or email us and check out the Help section for step by step instructions and video tutorials.

Velocity demo buttonstart free trial button

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