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Update Your Imported Data

Once your data has imported, you will be able to find it on your Historical Deals page

  • Data will be automatically imported and updated on a 72 hour basis from Expert to Velocity (DLC, MCC & MA exclusive). Contact Customer Care with any requests (customercare@newton.ca).
  • If you’re not included in this umbrella, you can import your data yourself (see Upload Your Data).

Important to note:

  • Your imported data will not go to your Dashboard until you update the status on the Historical Deals page (see quick video above for instructions).
  • In order to submit or pull credit off of an Expert imported deal, you will need to duplicate it.
  • Make sure to go through your imported deals to check that no data is missing or incorrect. Best practice would be to have to deal open in Expert next to the deal in Velocity and do a quick check.

Organize your imported data:

  1. Update your imported data to bring it onto your Dashboard  (see quick video)
  2. Merge duplicate contacts (FAQVideo)

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Merge Duplicate Contacts