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  • ‘My Day’ – Your Daily Task Manager on Steroids

'My Day' - Your Daily Task Manager on Steroids

We know how busy your days can get so say hello to ‘My Day’ where you can view and manage all your day-to-day tasks! In conjunction with the calendar in Velocity, My Day offers you a detailed list of all the tasks you have for the day organized in the different topics they fall under.

  • Get reminded of all tasks and workflows to be completed daily ensuring you don’t miss a beat.
  • Preview and send pre-scripted emails right from one spot.
  • SMS and Phone call pre-scripted reminders.
  • Reference the associated deal’s details 

*Please Note: To add tasks to your My Day, you will need to add them as workflows or Velocity tasks. For more info, watch the pre-recorded in-depth training session below.

Click ‘My Day’ on the left side menu bar to gain access.

Your daily tasks will be organized and pre-scripted by Emails, Phone Calls and SMS Messages.

You can view all pre-scripted tasks by clicking the ‘+’ button.

Along with the script, you will be able to see the phone #, deal #, closing date, purpose and lender.

To make edits, click Actions > Edit

With this Action menu, you can also Re-assign a task to someone else, or hit our personal favourite the snooze button by clicking Postpone.

Editing SMS or Phone Call

  • View or edit the number to call, add recipients and change up the script.

Once finished this task, you can change it to Done.

Edit Emails

  • Change who the email is coming from, add recipient, edit the email subject or body, add an attachment, and send.

To mark tasks as complete or send emails en masse, select the left side checkboxes next to the name of the task > click the Bulk Actions drop down > Apply.