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  • Velocity Calculator: Scenario Builder

Present different options to your customer as their trusted advisor!

The Scenario Builder allows you to run and compare scenarios quickly and efficiently, providing even more exceptional service to your clients.

Compare mortgage rates, terms, payment frequencies, and amortization during your client consultations.

How (step-by-step instructions)

1. Click the Calculators button in the top right menu bar, and select Scenario Builder.

2. Enter the mortgage amount, calculation type, term, payment frequencies, interest rate and either amortization OR payment amount, then click to Run Comparison.

3. Your scenarios will appear as cards, use the lock button to ‘unlock’ a scenario, and run additional comparisons to replace it, and use the star button to ‘favourite’ a scenario.

Green represents a favourable situation where there is a decrease in the term interest, while red reflects an unfavourable situation with an increase in the term interest!